The Big Spotacular is Back!

This appeal week, join nurseries up and down the country to, once again, pull out all the spots for BBC Children in Need.

There are two fun and easy ways to get involved this year. First join Pudsey's Round Pound Countdown and hunt for those old pound coins. They go out of circulation on the 15 Oct, but they can still be donated to BBC Children in Need! From the back of sofas to old piggy banks, we're sure there's some hidden treasure to be found! And to celebrate everyone’s super searching, why not hold a Pudsey Picnic Party?

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Round Pound Countdown

Take part in our Round Pound Countdown and see how many old round pounds you can find hidden down the backs of sofas, in old coat pockets or at the bottom of drawers. Why not get your little learners to decorate collection tins to take home with letters to parents so that the whole family can get involved. You could even run a competition to see which children or key group can collect the most! We have lots of resources online to support your treasure hunt. And, once they’re all rounded up, donate your pounds at any Lloyds Bank or Post Office branch.

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Pudsey Picnic Party

Why not hold a Pudsey Picnic Party? Go dotty with round sandwiches, spotty cake bakes and activities like our downloadable spot-to-spot. Encourage everyone to wear their favourite spotty outfit and don’t forget to order glow in the dark Pudsey and Blush ears to sell – available through our online shop.

Print out the Pudsey Picnic poster from our resources page and set a date.... then all you have to do is decorate!

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