1.    How can I fundraise for BBC Children in Need?
2.    Do I have to sign up?
3.    Why do it?
4.    When will it happen
5.    Why is Twinkl involved?
6.    When will I find out if I've won a Duggee/Pudsey visit or Media workshop?
7.     What if I just want to do what we always do?
8.    How can I get my colleagues involved?
9.    Where can I buy Pudsey merchandise and do you offer any special rates to schools
10.   I'm an early years practitioner. Where can I find more Pudsey badges?
11.   How can I be featured on your website/social media channels?
12.   Can BBC Children in Need come and film at my school?How can we be featured on Appeal Night?
13.   What if I have more questions?


1.    How can I fundraise for BBC Children in Need?
There are lots of ways you can fundraise for BBC Children in Need. Whether you choose to take part in our schools specific fundraising campaigns, or simply choose do your own fundraising, you'll be making an amazing difference to the lives of disadvantaged children and young people across the UK. We've partnered with Twinkl to make sure you'll have all the classroom and fundraising tools you need to make this year's fundraising the best yet!

This year we have three different fundraising campaigns, depending on your school type:

Nurseries/EYFS: The Pudsey Badge
We've teamed up with Cbeebies favourite Hey Duggee so your little ones can be squirrels for the day. We want you all to have fun and fundraise to earn your very own Pudsey badge! In return for a small donation per child, we want you to put on  a Duggee day! From playing games of 'Squirrel Seek' to making Duggee face masks, we'll have all you need to put on a perfect fundraiser. Our free fundraising kits are packed with ideas, games and badges and our website will have lots more tools and activities for you to download for free in September!

Primary Schools: The Big Spotacular Bring and Buy Sale - with Blue Peter
This year we want your school to join thousands of others to hold a Bring and Buy sale. This classic fundraiser is making a comeback and we've teamed up with Blue Peter to bring back the Bring and Buy! Someone's trash is another's treasure, so spread the word around the school, check the back of cupboards at home and clear our old drawers! It's time to find old toys new homes, make some delicious bakes and sell some Pudsey goodies for the best sale your school has seen! If Bring and Buy sales aren't your thing, make sure you order our free fundraising kit for other spotty fundraising inspiration.

Secondary Schools: Do Your Thing
We know that students have their own passions, interests and hobbies. So what easier way to raise money than to turn something they already love into a fundraiser? This year we're asking secondary schools to 'Do Your Thing' - and that thing could be anything! If you like painting nails, set up a stall and charge £2 for each manicure. Gaming your thing - set up a tournament and ask everyone to pay to play! Love football - organise a match against the teachers. Remember even the small things are big things and will make a huge difference to young lives in the UK! Order our free fundraising kit for more ideas and fundraising goodies.

2.    Do I have to sign up?
There isn’t an official registration process to join. You can find everything you need to get involved within our schools fundraising kit and also online.

To order a fundraising kit, head to www.bbcchildreninneed.co.uk/schools/fundraisingkit and complete the online submission form.

Fundraising kits will land from mid September. If you make your order after mid-September, please allow seven days for your pack to arrive.

3.    Why do it? 
By taking part your students will learn more about the lives of disadvantaged children across the UK and develop skills like communication, teamwork and decision-making – while having lots of fun and raising money too. We will have education resources available on our website from September, all created by Twinkl, that are curriculum linked and great for inspiring your students to take part.

Fundraising for BBC Children in Need means you’ll join a movement of thousands of schools and millions of young people. Don’t miss out on this unique experience and the chance to make a real difference to disadvantaged children’s lives across the UK. 

4.    When will it happen?
We’re encouraging schools to line up their fundraising activities during appeal week (12 – 16 November), but it’s never too early to start planning and actually fundraising! Fundraising will culminate on the day of the appeal, Friday 16 November.

5.    Why is Twinkl involved?
Twinkl is our Proud Schools Partner and is helping to make this the best year yet for BBC Children in Need. Together we share the same goal of helping children and young people reach their full potential. Thanks to Twinkl, schools and nurseries are being supported to raise more money than ever before. The host of fantastic resources we have available online means we’ve got everything you need to ensure your fundraiser this year will be the best yet! As well as wall planners and posters to help you plan and promote your fundraising activities, you’ll also find lesson plans, videos, learning activities and videos. All resources will be live from September and can be found at: www.bbcchildreninneed.co.uk/schools/resources

6.    When will I find out if I’ve won a Duggee/Pudsey visit or media workshop?
Any school or nursery that ordered a fundraising kit on or before Friday 21 September was automatically entered into a prize draw to win one of the following prizes (EYFS/nurseries: Pudsey/Duggee visit, Primary schools: Pudsey visit, Secondary schools: Media workshop).

All winners will be notified by the 01 October. For the full terms and conditions, click here:

7.    What if I just want to do what we always do
If you want to keep things simple and still do one-off fundraising events for BBC Children in Need, it’s no problem at all. We still have plenty of ideas and resources you can use – just pick and choose what works best for you.

8.    How can I get my colleagues involved?
Success is dependent on everyone getting on board and joining the fundraising journey. As a starting point, you can promote your fundraising by downloading and printing our  ‘Staffroom poster’ available on the homepage. Make sure you spread the word too, talking to other teachers about the benefits of the campaign and curriculum linked learning opportunities available to students. You could also spread the word among parents by downloading the ‘Letter to Parents’ template we'll have ready on the resources page online from September. 

9.    Where can I buy Pudsey merchandise and do you offer any special rates to schools?
We offer schools the opportunity to purchase our Pudsey products on a deposit scheme, or at full price. If you wish to take advantage of our deposit scheme, simply pay the listed deposit price for the goods and pay in the rest of the money owed with your other fundraising donations after the appeal.

You can find an order form for your merchandise (that includes all the details of the deposit scheme and payment info) within our fundraising packs. Alternatively you can view and purchase our full range of products from the official BBC Children in Need shop (from September onwards) at: www.bbcchildreninneedshop.co.uk/categories/schools

10. I'm an early years practitioner. Where can I find more Pudsey badges?
We've provided plenty of Pudsey badges in our free fundraising kits, but if you still need more for your squirrels, we have a downloadle sticker sheet template where you can print plenty! All printable templates will be available from our resources page from September onwards:

11.    How can I be featured on your website/social media channels
We love hearing all about your fundraising and we’d like to put as many schools and nurseries in the spotlight this year, via our website or social media channels. You can tell us what you’re doing by submitting our online submission form here, or alternatively you can email us at schools@cin.bbc.co.uk. Unfortunately we can’t share every story we receive, but we will be in touch with you directly if your story is selected. 

12.    Can BBC Children in Need come and film at my school/ can we be featured on Appeal Night?
Unfortunately we cannot select schools to appear on appeal night or for BBC filming opportunities, as this is decided by the BBC Editorial and not BBC Children in Need. Wherever possible and where we have permission to do so, we will share your school stories with BBC Editorial who will contact you directly if they have an opportunity available for you.

13.    What if I have further questions?
You can contact us schools@cin.bbc.co.uk if you need any further support. Alternatively you can complete the 'contact us' form on the schools website: www.bbcchildreninneed.co.uk/schools/contactus

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